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The Sun – Two Speed – March 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Any number banned from stadium region AREA
Capsicum CHILLI
Child-carrying equipment PAPOOSE
Coffee shop CAFE
Concealment STEALTH
Congregate ASSEMBLE
Conspiracy PLOT
Cooking instructions RECIPE
Cradle tune LULLABY
Crumbs soldier gives Welsh dog CORGI
Dancing venue BALLROOM
Dramatist’s work is anything but! PLAY
Face contorted in small restaurant CAFE
Farm animal in New England EWE
Female sheep EWE
Foot care PEDICURE
Hidden clue here will be! CRYPTIC
Ingredient from high land in Channel Islands CHILLI
It’s ended badly as foredoomed DESTINED
Join in then Roland! ENROL
Lord who ran to seize power deal COPE
Loud noise all right inside hall BALLROOM
Manage COPE
Mark course in vessel circling lake PLOT
Master design BLUEPRINT
No song for a wake? LULLABY
Obscure in meaning CRYPTIC
Pierce developed formula RECIPE
Plan to have naughty image? BLUEPRINT
Pouch for child in pose outside a Post Office PAPOOSE
Pretend to cut cost in business PRACTICE
Price due to change for treatment PEDICURE
Priest turned to Wasteland writer ELIOT
Reduced pressure having scrubbed round DEPLETED
Register ENROL
Rehearsal PRACTICE
Revolutionary period? YEAR
Royal dog breed CORGI
Secrecy the last resort STEALTH
See lambs frolicking get together ASSEMBLE
Swiss currency FRANC
Terrible rumba dancer circling BAD
Terriers wiggling ideal ears AIREDALES
The former French capital? FRANC
Theatrical presentation PLAY
Thomas Stearns —, poet ELIOT
Twelvemonth YEAR
Vicinity AREA
Wicked BAD
Wiry-coated canines AIREDALES