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The Sun – Two Speed – March 25 2019

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Clues Answers
1760 yards MILE
Abduct for naval service SHANGHAI
Address grand with swaying tree GREET
Affixed or joined ATTACHED
Ancient two-wheeled conveyance CHARIOT
Apple pastry TURNOVER
Argue or bicker fall out
Beefeater or freeholder YEOMAN
Birds, some we see going backwards? GEESE
Burden when toilet not working bog down
Butcher to carve ham OVERACT
Cantonese, e.g CHINESE
Caribbean republic HAITI
Clarinet for one used in core education REED
Considers vermin appearing round base of tree RATES
Distance seen in Tamil expanse MILE
Encumber or hinder bog down
English copper in posh car to come back again RECUR
Evaluates RATES
Exaggerate on stage OVERACT
Express VOICE
Female protagonist HEROINE
Force to serve port in China SHANGHAI
Happen at intervals RECUR
He’s nice, having moved from Shenzhen? CHINESE
Incision NOTCH
Interference in this sector HISS
Interlock MESH
Itinerant female bag lady
Last in race: Wes lost badly SLOWEST
Leading lady here hosts love-in HEROINE
Least speedy SLOWEST
Mark to score NOTCH
More vulgar or tasteless (informal) naffer
Mother and child finding rock layer MASON
Old farmer having answer in money trouble? YEOMAN
One in hat reaches island – part of one? HAITI
Outer garment OVERCOAT
Poorer fan and ref in tussle naffer
Radioactive dust causes quarrel fall out
Recovered from messy taco? It keeps you warm! OVERCOAT
Reed roof in which church? THATCH
Say there’s nothing in immorality VOICE
Sibilance HISS
Some themes helping network MESH
Stone worker MASON
Thick hair THATCH
This: shot through with cinnamon and raisins! TURNOVER
Vehicle causes trouble after tea CHARIOT
Welcome GREET
Wild cat hated in relationship ATTACHED
Wild waterfowl GEESE
Woman on street happy to shelter in alcove bag lady
Woodwind instrument REED
Yokel is curt — terribly! RUSTIC