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The Sun – Two Speed – March 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Absurd or farcical LUDICROUS
Academy Awards OSCARS
Agile and stealthy CATLIKE
Captivate ENAMOUR
Closely compacted DENSE
Copy from Czech organisation ECHO
Cupid EROS
Disciple died here, strangled by six-footer ADHERENT
Drink with Puck for example SPIRIT
Drinker very troublesome to start with SOT
Feline needs a tickle possibly CATLIKE
Gaming room CASINO
Gloomy and slow-witted DIM
Gnawing pain? TOOTHACHE
Habitual drunkard SOT
Hair up to go with Sun’s charm ENAMOUR
Hammered instrument DULCIMER
Hollywood prizes but no marks OSCARS
Huge soldier acting wrongly GIGANTIC
Innocent one in place for congregation NAIVE
Is a con arranged where gamblers throng? CASINO
Japanese art form ORIGAMI
Likeness that is covering magazine IMAGE
Love-god in sombrero somewhere EROS
Manipulated exchange initially in greenbacks USED
May become cold — turning warmer? COGNAC
Mud relic could be old percussion item DULCIMER
Not too bright, duke seen wandering DENSE
Obscure DIM
Oral discomfort TOOTHACHE
Ours, lucid, can be made silly LUDICROUS
Oversized jug EWER
Partly, putsch is Marxist split SCHISM
Plants in dramatic activity CACTI
Pre-loved USED
Public persona IMAGE
Religious rift SCHISM
Reluctant HESITANT
Remove top to drain large pitcher EWER
Reverberate ECHO
Snob, cad, crazy to leave secretly ABSCOND
Soap-operas remade in Madras DRAMAS
Spiny succulents CACTI
Supernatural being SPIRIT
The Saint in tizzy and wavering HESITANT
Theatrical works DRAMAS
Unsophisticated NAIVE
Wherein folders are furnished with paperwork? ORIGAMI