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The Sun – Two Speed – March 31 2019 Crossword Puzzle Solution

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Clues Answers
African runner in Old Street wealthy OSTRICH
American state OREGON
An Italian city offers subtle charm AROMA
Armada FLEET
Benefit to shelter theologian in breeze DODDLE
Brass instrument TUBA
Cold front line? ISOBAR
Conservative old school
Culinary herb BASIL
Dance, I beg, in formation to sustain hollow ostinato BOOGIE
Digital text symbol EMOTICON
Easy task (informal) DODDLE
EN as opposed to en? ENLARGE
Female name HELEN
Fragrance AROMA
Good times in group special UPS
Gore on travels in Portland region OREGON
Hiding place LAIR
High points UPS
Highland tribe CLAN
Idiot finally mixed Belgian concrete TANGIBLE
Impossible to solve INSOLUBLE
Kings and queens ROYALTY
LA guard confused, moving slowly GRADUAL
Landowner endlessly in retreat LAIR
Large flightless bird OSTRICH
Large horn used by impromptu band TUBA
Little kiss from Gregory in film PECK
Locked up by policeman, resubmit access credential USERNAME
Man from lab is crazy BASIL
Maybe grey whales with traditional ideas? old school
One bull is butchered __ baffling INSOLUBLE
Online identity USERNAME
Pick up with a beak PECK
Prison accommodates large family CLAN
Scholarly work ESSAY
Self-importance EGO
She went to Troy via Paris HELEN
Ships escape given time FLEET
Silence from gym guru? PEACE
Slaughter __ no truce unfortunately TROUNCE
Slow and steady GRADUAL
Smiley caught in passion EMOTICON
So not a twit who’s thin on top? FATHEAD
Soundly thrash TROUNCE
Squire Gordon conceals personal pride EGO
Stupid person (informal) FATHEAD
Style of piano blues BOOGIE
Tory lay wronged, demanding payment ROYALTY
Tract from English Society for example ESSAY
Tranquility PEACE
Weather map feature ISOBAR
Yours etc a strange way to show politeness? COURTESY