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The Sun – Two Speed – March 5 2019

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Clues Answers
Academic figure EDUCATOR
African tongue SWAHILI
Allotted portion SHARE
Arrest in church in Derry HINDER
Beginning of time (informal) year dot
Big chunk of the North Atlantic? ICEBERG
Bishop having nasty feud led to puzzle BEFUDDLE
Breathe heavily PANT
Carbohydrate-rich food (informal) STODGE
Coming every other year BIENNIAL
Compass point NORTH
Confuse or perplex BEFUDDLE
Dizzy Dora, cute teacher EDUCATOR
Dog set out to find heavy nutrition? STODGE
Enliven as Geri Horner might? ginger up
Female relative, topless, let loose UNTIE
Female sleepwear NIGHTIE
Fix deeply EMBED
Hiding place LAIR
His law changed one language SWAHILI
Horribly hard time with pony and serpent PYTHON
I ban line-dancing for 2-year spell BIENNIAL
Implant from doctor in rising river EMBED
Intelligible LUCID
Invigorate (informal) ginger up
Jury or committee PANEL
Large snake PYTHON
Lie or fib UNTRUTH
London art resource TATE
Look after learner in den LAIR
Luke in France I had clearly understood LUCID
Machine-gun loaded by little honey SWEETEN
Make more agreeable SWEETEN
Nut cracked by girl in story UNTRUTH
Obstruct HINDER
Obtrude IMPOSE
Put on one male attitude IMPOSE
Ready to change ages ago year dot
Release a knot UNTIE
Santa’s way home? NORTH
Shipping hazard ICEBERG
Shrewd or canny ASTUTE
Small runner in field gets percentage SHARE
Some group an elite controls here? PANEL
Son to sicken in The Spinnaker? SAIL
The late shift? NIGHTIE
Tittle-tattle GOSSIP
Try small drink making small talk GOSSIP
Wheeze from soft six-footer PANT
Windmill blade SAIL
Wise tip from undertaker in poor taste ASTUTE
Works displayed here in attempt at exhibition TATE