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The Sun – Two Speed – March 6 2019

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Clues Answers
Afflicts or bothers TROUBLES
Animal, most successful, devours adult BEAST
Be too clever for Basil Brush? OUTFOX
Bishop or oarsman: one in debt BORROWER
Children’s room NURSERY
Circular band HOOP
Come back again about dog RECUR
Creche in North Surrey moved NURSERY
Cricket referees UMPIRES
Defeat with cunning OUTFOX
Deserve or merit EARN
Difficulties way back involving money TROUBLES
Doctor from World Health Organisation WHO
Domestic support worker home help
Eve’s man ADAM
Feathery layer seen in the nest HEN
Female chicken HEN
For the moment at present
Grand Canyon location ARIZONA
Haphazardly ANYHOW
Happen at intervals RECUR
Hay now spread carelessly ANYHOW
Herb’s ego clashed with Nora OREGANO
House me back in council-provided care home help
Judges and posh MPs restraining anger UMPIRES
Jump round ring or jump through this? HOOP
Military greeting SALUTE
Monstrous person BEAST
Mortgagor BORROWER
Musical genre of Sex Pistols, eg punk rock
Mysterious EERIE
Needing food HUNGRY
Now there’s tap-dancing to dislike at present
Old and sullen, making smell ODOUR
One taking pictures secretly in this? CAMERA
Photographer’s tool CAMERA
Piece for three players piano trio
Quiet Riot: terrible group piano trio
Redolence ODOUR
Right side of the lake is spooky EERIE
Rotten music? Some of it! punk rock
Some mad American Bible character ADAM
Song about endless division in state ARIZONA
Storyteller in Australia remembered LIAR
Take home from near neighbours EARN
Unstable forces in painting FRESCO
Untruthful person LIAR
Wanting fare suspended on railway HUNGRY
What might be general acknowledgement? SALUTE
Which person WHO
Wild marjoram OREGANO