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The Sun – Two Speed – March 7 2019

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Clues Answers
Additional EXTRA
At home pet might be useless INEPT
Bug fever rebel unfortunately catches BELEAGUER
Casual tops T-shirts
Cause bother to BELEAGUER
Christian missionary APOSTLE
Clubs member to rise CLIMB
Distress call on first of fifth? MAYDAY
Division SEGMENT
Drinking pot TANKARD
Find fault with cold skin CHIDE
Former partner works to return bonus EXTRA
Fresh euros sold out ODOURLESS
Gain altitude ASCEND
Genuflect KNEEL
Grassland during Middle Ages LEA
Group has FBI agents placed outside SEGMENT
Head off to dig hole HOVEL
Himalayan peak EVEREST
Ignorant person OIK
In the best case IDEALLY
Incompetent INEPT
Indian lute SITAR
Instrument one featured in Sun SITAR
Large sailing vessel GALLEON
Lie with Lady Dotty in perfect world IDEALLY
Local vessel, managed single-handed? TANKARD
Majestic REGAL
Make warmer path with EU stimulated heat up
Man we hear to go on bender? KNEEL
Mountain woman tempted others EVEREST
Next dead king LATER
Nuts are in it for sloth INERTIA
Pasture LEA
Raise the temperature heat up
Reprove or scold CHIDE
Run-down home HOVEL
Safe location HAVEN
Send drink outside for messenger APOSTLE
Serve up booze fit for king REGAL
Shelter in Seventh Avenue HAVEN
Shot cut in ad to move up ASCEND
Sound from cats MEOWING
Stillness INERTIA
Subsequently LATER
Tomahawk HATCHET
Toxin in river found by one boy POISON
Up street Trish designed garments T-shirts
Woodcutter buried in peace HATCHET
Wrecked: all gone in ship GALLEON
Yob one encountered in fair OIK
Your compiler in debt, crying MEOWING