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The Sun – Two Speed – May 1 2018

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Clues Answers
Abandon DESERT
Armada FLEET
Artie’s madly mocking work SATIRE
At fruition RIPE
Barker’s excellent ginger beer AIREDALE
Beaten — terrible fate in action DEFEATED
Brown bread? TOAST
Communist record in bureaucracy red tape
Complaint from Crabbe effective BEEF
Continent AMERICA
Deal with clothes after notice ADDRESS
Deceleration device to snap we hear BRAKE
Difficult struggle BATTLE
Drink to TOAST
Erratic India out in test AUDITION
Expert grips weight immediately at once
Fast ships FLEET
Formal speech ADDRESS
Great moves — Ards wingers in blinder! tear gas
Helicopter CHOPPER
Inattentive ABSENT
Incident where Poe dies horribly EPISODE
Indonesian resort BALI
Island of cannibalism BALI
Clues Answers
Key often used to come in ENTER
Lacrimator tear gas
Marine mammal OTTER
Obstructive admin red tape
One expelled, Pete rode recklessly DEPORTEE
Opening GATE
Pasture FIELD
Person exiled DEPORTEE
Policeman grabbing husband’s axe CHOPPER
Profession CAREER
Ready to moan, missing starter RIPE
Red meat BEEF
Right now at once
Runners in paddock FIELD
Rush job! CAREER
Seaman teasing nets out ABSENT
Slow down BRAKE
Some idiot terrified an animal OTTER
Some shouting at Edgbaston crowd GATE
Sussex town tablet vandalised BATTLE
Terrier breed AIREDALE
Trial performance AUDITION
Turn one’s back on Sahara? DESERT
US in jam Eric admits AMERICA