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The Sun – Two Speed – May 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A certain value, second one, might change SOMETHING
Attention (figurative) EAR
Bleed old partner turning red? EXTORT
Bob Marley’s genre REGGAE
Breaded seafood SCAMPI
College grounds CAMPUS
Drive mile senselessly without parking IMPEL
East-coast US state MARYLAND
Examine closely SCAN
Giving order is significant TELLING
Hair highlight STREAK
Ham Leon prepared for street opening MANHOLE
Heavenly ANGELIC
Impressive object or event (informal) SOMETHING
Individual article ITEM
King tucking into meat finds vein STREAK
Largest continent ASIA
Litter for the wounded STRETCHER
Look in small tin SCAN
Looking like cherub, lace gin wickedly ANGELIC
Massive region in quasi-alliance ASIA
Military student acted strangely CADET
Musical talent in conservatoire arises EAR
Narration TELLING
Note producers in minor cover bands? g-strings
Obtain by (threat of) force EXTORT
Parrot loses tail: ask for opinion POLL
Perks up when embracing NI friend ANIMATES
Poison sarnie wrecked Charlie ARSENIC
Police trainee CADET
Popular king in dark liquid INK
Potentially agree about good music REGGAE
Prawns swindle: one pockets penny SCAMPI
Reprimand ADMONISH
Sacred hymn PSALM
Secret HRT arranged with medical support STRETCHER
Selection called eccentric at first RANGE
Sewer cover MANHOLE
Skimpy undergarments g-strings
Slicer spoiled souvenirs RELICS
Some excitement for couple ITEM
Song from son in tree PSALM
The academic field? CAMPUS
Toxic element ARSENIC
Venerated objects RELICS
Vocal flexibility RANGE
Vote or census POLL
Warn a looker about Scottish man ADMONISH
Woman given acreage in US region MARYLAND
Writing fluid INK