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The Sun – Two Speed – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
Adam with rib used to create woman serving BARMAID
Alleviate RELIEVE
Australian feral canine DINGO
Become less intense let up
Before noon I travel to see friend AMIGO
Before now ALREADY
Complicated ELABORATE
Cranium SKULL
Croat injured — one in cast ACTOR
Despicable person TOERAG
Develop complex ELABORATE
Di in factory sent up poorest part of America skid row
Dray with ale sent out so soon? ALREADY
Expurgate CENSOR
Fashionable TRENDY
Female elegance GRACE
Foregoing PRIOR
Further than BEYOND
Girl absolutely losing weight HOLLY
Girl prepared hot fish outside DOROTHY
Go to grab bottom or hip TRENDY
Good-for-nothing got up — about time TOERAG
Happy after tenancy comes to stop let up
Humble LOWLY
Hypothetically on paper
Impartial NEUTRAL
Is it too darn windy? TORNADO
Knock Tupac monologue? RAP

Clues Answers
Laurent might be sitting on fence! NEUTRAL
No vintage wine here in Wales? NEWPORT
Over there in cot outside limits BEYOND
Previous leader in monastery PRIOR
Propane unstable in theory on paper
Protect rail employee GUARD
Pub worker BARMAID
Put in order ARRANGE
Reprimand RAP
Royal Engineers said to go free RELIEVE
Run-down area (in America) skid row
Saracen’s oration in part is cut CENSOR
Security worker GUARD
Settle a musical score? ARRANGE
Shred RIP
Skilled verbalist WORDSMITH
Spanish pal AMIGO
Submissive bird inside extremely leggy LOWLY
Tear from Euripides RIP
Thespian ACTOR
Welsh city NEWPORT
What makes hard nuts of us all? SKULL
Wild dog makes noise disappear DINGO
Wizard of Oz girl DOROTHY
Writer in news given by forger WORDSMITH
Xmas decoration HOLLY