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The Sun – Two Speed – May 11 2018

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Clues Answers
Accomplishing DOING
American frontier Wild West
Animal flock HERD
Band making sound RING
Barker outside in action DOING
Chelsea initially eager for trophy CUP
Comedienne Jennifer SAUNDERS
Cook finally cuts fresh lean joint ANKLE
Cosmic region deep space
Decked structure PIER
Disregarded IGNORED
Ditch used in Alamo attack MOAT
Do away with ELIMINATE
Drinking vessel CUP
Either way they’re a Swedish group! ABBA
Excellent CRACKING
Exclude cream-covered Mina? ELIMINATE
Factor in holy works on time AGENT
Fancy song from Lennon IMAGINE
Furniture item CABINET
Girl from Mali celebrates ALICE
Her Majesty’s title REGINA
I am frail, unsteady, but well-known FAMILIAR
Jewellery item RING
Clues Answers
Lawless place giving us stew? Wild West
Lio? Pum? Tige? Manx cat
Lure net damaged on rocks ENTICE
Mamma Mia band ABBA
Ministers can be reshuffled with it CABINET
Part above foot ANKLE
Pitch TAR
Point out or show INDICATE
Queen one in rage sent up REGINA
Recognisable FAMILIAR
Representative AGENT
Require NEED
Sailor in boat a rating TAR
She was French collaborator! SAUNDERS
Shunned GI returning stray drone IGNORED
Solving very fast? CRACKING
Stars seen here pace back and forth deep space
Stops publicity stunts? PREVENTS
Support aristocrat when speaking PIER
Tailless feline Manx cat
That woman’s daughter drove HERD
Visualise IMAGINE
Want no introduction for one news boss NEED
Water-filled trench MOAT
Wonderland character ALICE