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The Sun – Two Speed – May 11 2019

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Clues Answers
Albacore or bluefin TUNA
Articulate SAY
Ask peer about Bercow? SPEAKER
Beginning to alter my robe EMBRYO
Brewed Otter Ale in stomach? TOLERATE
Communicate for example SAY
Complete reversal about-turn
Concluding item of a series OMEGA
Crazy and stupid to incarcerate son INSANE
Delete ERASE
Demonstrated about United Factory closure SHUTDOWN
Drinking spot wine bar
Endure or abide TOLERATE
Excellent SUPERB
Fertilised egg EMBRYO
Foreign Office? BUREAU
Headlight? HALO
Hobby or interest PURSUIT
Hooligans (informal) YOBS
Jack dropped from amusing visual OCULAR
Jewellery item from Alec stupidly after kiss NECKLACE
Lad backed initially suspicious thugs YOBS
Lawyer’s charge RETAINER
Loafers here lost bar key BAKERY
Love great final letter OMEGA
Military command connected with revolution about-turn
Naive slur spread worldwide UNIVERSAL
Needing a clean in Springfield? DUSTY
New purse, black and brilliant SUPERB
Not as much in aftersales service LESS
Order a brew in upmarket pub wine bar
Ornamental chain NECKLACE
Paddle OAR
Parliamentary official SPEAKER
Pertaining to the eye OCULAR
Powdery DUSTY
Reduced amount LESS
Rower from Llandudno arriving OAR
Rub out Times and Express to start with ERASE
Saintly glow HALO
Seeking occupation PURSUIT
Servant’s fee RETAINER
Some unfortunate swimmer TUNA
Stoppage of activity SHUTDOWN
Transport artist in box TRAIN
Where bread is made BAKERY
Writing desk BUREAU
Your writer, with answer, convinced ruler MEASURE