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The Sun – Two Speed – May 12 2019

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Clues Answers
Arctic plain TUNDRA
At a distance AWAY
Bright red bird CARDINAL
Cairn lad rebuilt for churchman CARDINAL
Caught by traffic light in curve in road CAMBER
Chilean range ANDES
China that’s broken in the hatch? EGGSHELL
Conclusion END
Creative person ARTIST
Cry to hounds tally-ho
Doctor one to talk interminably DRONE
Drunk under the spotlight? LIT
Easily riled (informal) RATTY
Edna turned before sierra mountains ANDES
Electricity source BATTERY
Extremely clever news boss to whom cash is due CREDITOR
Flesh-eating giant OGRE
Fortress CASTLE
Friend covered in hot liquid gives cry tally-ho
Harvesting machine CROPPER
Headwear worn by European cook HEAT
Hesitant relative is out with shady lawyer SHYSTER
Illuminated LIT
Irritable man not allowed booze inside RATTY
Is disloyal to BETRAYS
Lay one egg cracked in direct descent GENEALOGY
Male honeybee DRONE
Men a bit rough on all sides AMBIENT
Move Englishman’s home CASTLE
Not difficult EASY
On holiday in Ottawa yearly AWAY
One in road crashing needs transmitter RADIO
Painter in Hobart is Tasmanian ARTIST
Person owed money CREDITOR
Physical attack in cell BATTERY
Policeman goes across river in cutter CROPPER
Preliminary contest HEAT
Pulls through and there was dancing WEATHERS
Radiant AGLOW
Rats in beam held by stakes BETRAYS
Rubbish swamps old southern bird colony ROOST
Shining silver base AGLOW
Slight convexity CAMBER
Some are as yachties __ tolerant EASY
Some comprehending downfall END
Surrounding AMBIENT
Testing time pain with robot misbehaving PROBATION
Tough person denied start back in frozen land TUNDRA
Translucent porcelain EGGSHELL
Trial period PROBATION
Troll discovered in Progress OGRE
Unethical person (informal) SHYSTER
Wireless RADIO
Withstands WEATHERS