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The Sun – Two Speed – May 13 2018

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Clues Answers
Artist brought home and saved? BACON
Big cat LION
Bird takes look round tangled algae sea eagle
Bit too fresh in Hampshire strait INSOLENT
Broadcast AIR
Celebrity in Grease around north LION
Character found in Voltaire AIR
Chatterer’s GP — one in West? MAGPIE
Crush in service area MASSACRE
Cuckoo nested round a place in London East End
Deadlock IMPASSE
Deep fissure CHASM
Devoured EATEN
Disrespectful INSOLENT
Distinguished NOTABLE
Egyptian cobra ASP
Essence NATURE
Exhausted TIRED
Fish and rook in quarrel SPRAT
Fish-eating bird sea eagle
Gap in sandwich as mentioned CHASM
Get to the point NEEDLE
Hoarder MAGPIE
Horse race ARAB
I’m held in scorn turning purplish! CRIMSON
Clues Answers
Kind character NATURE
Lady in pub with my posh son BARONESS
London district East End
Make suitable PREPARE
Meat from pig BACON
Noblewoman BARONESS
One getting out to Saturn? ASTRONAUT
Oversee church music CHAIR
Played out among Cincinnati Reds TIRED
Popular pal who serves porridge? INMATE
Prisoner INMATE
Rapper twisted English — get ready! PREPARE
Reserve copy BOOK
Rich red colour CRIMSON
Saudi eg ARAB
Seas perhaps containing deadly snake ASP
Setter is past prime in stalemate IMPASSE
Single seat CHAIR
Small herring SPRAT
Space traveller ASTRONAUT
Stop Irene and Matt running riot TERMINATE
Sudden blast — initially shot in belly GUST
The late shift? NIGHTIE
Tome or edition BOOK
VIP back on board NOTABLE
Wholesale slaughter MASSACRE
Wind surge GUST
Worried bear skinned quite a few! EATEN