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The Sun – Two Speed – May 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Advantage EDGE
African country GHANA
Bitterness from defeated general EDGE
Chip cooked with lard for fish PILCHARD
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Country friend in northeast? NEPAL
Create trend FASHION
Division SEGMENT
English idiot ruined new book EDITION
Foremost MAIN
Glad rags FINERY
Have as purpose INTEND
He blocks Conservative plan THEORY
Herring relative PILCHARD
Hexahedron CUBE
Himalayan nation NEPAL
Hot surface in good puzzle GRIDDLE
Hypothesis THEORY
Impression EDITION
Iron cooking plate GRIDDLE
Jousting weapon LANCE
Large one knight carried? LANCE
Lie about being certain, for fun LEISURE
Like writer in tree ASPEN
Mad son released — that’s daft! INANE
Magnate MOGUL
Mean superintendent’s part INTEND
Clues Answers
Mindless INANE
Money ultimately deserved or craved YEARNED
Move to music DANCE
Old lady in water pipe MAIN
One looks after kids — and their parents! GOATHERD
Pachyderm ELEPHANT
Passionate about n-nice clothes FINERY
Person who tends goats GOATHERD
Pleasure in debt to give money back? REFUND
Reimburse REFUND
Relaxation LEISURE
Reliable, then top SOLID
Scandinavian outside clubs or disco? DANCE
Search through an atlas for this country GHANA
Small footballer is party animal SWINGER
Snake in Canada? No, silly! ANACONDA
Socially active person SWINGER
South American constrictor ANACONDA
Special Air Service by hospital window SASH
Substantial SOLID
Swindled four dukes with lie that’s awful DIDDLED
The plane — it might be Jumbo! ELEPHANT
Tycoon terribly glum about love MOGUL
US special agents in group cut up SEGMENT
Window frame SASH
Youngster close to three in block CUBE