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The Sun – Two Speed – May 14 2019

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Clues Answers
10-year period DECADE
A nobleman’s said to show up APPEAR
Actor and politician good in crazy arena REAGAN
Andean animal LLAMA
Anger shown after female gets sack FIRE
Appalling fate with Resistance chasing AFTER
Be involved PARTAKE
Become visible APPEAR
Blaze FIRE
Cake topping ICING
Children ISSUE
Cooking ingredient olive oil
Curvy nude dancing with pole outside ROUNDED
Dance somewhat more elegantly REEL
Form an alliance UNITE
Garner’s new angle GLEAN
Harvest GLEAN
Long-billed wading bird IBIS
Man United, say, playing away from home? ADULTERY
Marital infidelity ADULTERY
Melanin mark FRECKLE
Observe F1 in crowded environment FULFIL
One is after black bird IBIS
Ordinary sailor DECKHAND
Popeye’s girl reportedly dressing olive oil
Rebellious RIOTOUS
Ronald __ , former US President REAGAN
Rotter in river for long time DECADE
Row is over woman ISSUE
Satisfy FULFIL
Scatterbrain (informal) AIRHEAD
Seaman with two sets of cards DECKHAND
Share some with baker removing crusts PARTAKE
Sky boss finds an idiot AIRHEAD
Slip catch turned game TENNIS
Some panic in going for sweet addition ICING
Some schemer gets to break cover EMERGE
Split Conservatives about immorality CREVICE
Spot female daredevil abandoning ship FRECKLE
Stagger REEL
Starving in Euro-vans taken out RAVENOUS
Subsequently AFTER
Sun item includes workers’ organisation UNITE
Trainee monk one chewing cud LLAMA
Ungovernable suitor mad about love RIOTOUS
Voracious RAVENOUS
Well-developed ROUNDED
Wimbledon sport TENNIS
Wind resistance is bore DRAG