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The Sun – Two Speed – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
Anguish gave you lesson we hear TORTURE
Biblical garden EDEN
Celebrity among first arriving STAR
Children’s magazine? ISSUE
Citrus drink LEMONADE
Come in from silent era ENTER
Contemporary church in split RECENT
Crest of bird with part missing RIDGE
Criminal Cain out — vigilance needed CAUTION
Current RECENT
Doctor towards stern produces sketch DRAFT
Doctrine CREED
Edition ISSUE
Exchange SWITCH
Faith and Charlie on the grass CREED
Female keeping back beat to contribute DONATE
Formulate DRAFT
Give to charity DONATE
Go inside ENTER
Graceful ELEGANT
Great suffering TORTURE
Heated discussion ARGUMENT
I was leader in the country IRAN
Clues Answers
Lights flicker? SWITCH
Long hilltop RIDGE
Looped rope NOOSE
Man in Spain grabs at US politician SENATOR
More desirable BETTER
Paradise in walled enclosure EDEN
Persia, as was IRAN
Plug stops leak in daring exploit ESCAPADE
Pop band displaying insanity MADNESS
Prehistoric creature DINOSAUR
Recovered gambler BETTER
Roman official SENATOR
Start on alpine trail for this! ASCENT
Stop — I’m deep in bother IMPEDE
Stylish member in neat arrangement ELEGANT
Subtitle CAPTION
Suitable one to appear in Tory legend CAPTION
The writer has turned left, not right EVIL
Trap quickly springs up — end of mouse! NOOSE
Upward slope ASCENT
Wandering around is ancient reptile DINOSAUR
Warn strongly CAUTION
Wicked demon ale that refreshes LEMONADE
Words are not about to stick ARGUMENT