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The Sun – Two Speed – May 15 2019

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Clues Answers
1920s design art deco
Achieve ATTAIN
Almost frenzied whinge about two students well-nigh
Alpine social apres-ski
Audacity (informal) NECK
Aural pain EARACHE
Best time to register RECORD
Bird in Crosby sending deliveries? BOWLING
Bloke reportedly needs water spout GEYSER
Chronicle RECORD
Complaint received by The Listener? EARACHE
Cut into pieces SECTIONED
Cut up scone – diet broken SECTIONED
Deceive carnivorous mammal FOX
Enthusiastic about some badminton INTO
Euro maybe second currency in recession MONEY
Exciting and fashionable event HAPPENING
Fascinated by (informal) INTO
Foolish person IDIOT
Frenchman wanting English material FABRIC
Get a teetotal start from aguapanela at home ATTAIN
Head turner? NECK
Hot spring GEYSER
Idealists upset Ms Reader DREAMERS
Ink stain BLOT
Large part of church in decline LAPSE
Mark in second-class band BLOT
Mug __ I had nothing to fill it! IDIOT
Noticeable EVIDENT
Occurrence HAPPENING
Official count CENSUS
One over the eight? COXSWAIN
Papers in competition, that’s undoubted EVIDENT
Peevishness BILE
Pong from monsieur in market SMELL
Rancour in British and French island BILE
Redcoat performing shows style art deco
Slight error LAPSE
Social activity when sloping off? apres-ski
Soil in Tromso dry SOD
Sport with pins BOWLING
Swine here to write about one doctor PIGPEN
Textile cloth FABRIC
This should check population growth CENSUS
Trick or outwit FOX
Turf SOD
Very nearly well-nigh
Visionaries DREAMERS