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The Sun – Two Speed – May 16 2018

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Clues Answers
Acquire knowledge LEARN
Affray BRAWL
Backache LUMBAGO
Best ever role lauded primarily in city BERLIN
Cheese knife Tamsin holds FETA
Choose OPT
Cry involves Romeo in fight BRAWL
Damson, eg PLUM
Dip into narrow street for Italian food LASAGNE
Disconcerted RATTLED
Disintegrate COLLAPSE
Dreaded meow as feline finally moves AWESOME
Everyone up in woodland to fall down COLLAPSE
Exciting to be driven by power ELECTRIC
Four-winged insect BEE
Garden visitor’s endless complaint BEE
German capital BERLIN
Gibberish from two bishops in hay BABBLE
Greek dairy product FETA
He serves member in prohibition BARMAN
Holiday venue RESORT
I left in time being alert AGILE
Inspiring wonder AWESOME
Jason’s ship ARGO
Clues Answers
Layered pasta dish LASAGNE
Lecherous look LEER
Mad gambol round university causes pain LUMBAGO
Marciano beaten demands pasta MACARONI
Monarchist ROYALIST
Mythical boat in a river journey ARGO
Nimble AGILE
No pressure to satisfy contract LEASE
Obsessed pie taster starts getting plump OPT
Ogle the French monarch LEER
One soon up in Derby with rail alteration early bird
Others investing gold in seaside town RESORT
Pasta tubes MACARONI
Perhaps solitary Queen fan? ROYALIST
Prattle BABBLE
Proverbial worm-catcher early bird
Pub worker BARMAN
Puzzle that’s full of holes? RIDDLE
Rental agreement LEASE
Shakespearean king with new master LEARN
Surprising sight eye-opener
Tailless cat eating large fruit PLUM
Threat in wild garden DANGER
Thrilling ELECTRIC
Toy for baby daughter causes upset RATTLED
Watch first batsman for revelatory experience eye-opener