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The Sun – Two Speed – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
Arab state EMIRATE
Attractiveness LOOKS
Bemoan unconvincing Bible books LAMENT
Black gold OIL
Bloodsucker LEECH
Book after Job ESTHER
Bouquet AROMA
Catches held in serious practice session REHEARSAL
Clever remark spread round about 3.142 EPIGRAM
Climb down where CD needs remixing DESCEND
Dance costume LEOTARD
Deplore LAMENT
Disquiet or tension UNEASE
Do alter loose exercise gear LEOTARD
Drop or sink DESCEND
Dust particle SPECK
Elite celebrities A-list
English sailor ran up to tell story NARRATE
Fertilised eggs EMBRYOS
French article to alleviate anxiety UNEASE
Greatest boxer with good man: top stars A-list
Honshu location: Tokyo perhaps? KYOTO
Incompetent USELESS
Initially successful actor Gregory in spot SPECK
Inquisitive types behave so strangely CURIOUSLY
Japanese city KYOTO
Kidnapped person and entertainer to get on HOSTAGE
King in Scottish island is savage BRUTE
Kit out EQUIP
Last from Monkhouse joke stock EQUIP
Lubricant from boiler OIL
Molars, for example TEETH
My robes, shabby, they have potential EMBRYOS
Nauseating NOISOME
Number one a bit unpleasant NOISOME
Odour back from Sam or Alison AROMA
Parasite caught fish, returning by horse LEECH
Position or set down PUT
Protect SHIELD
Pullover SWEATER
Relating to sound SONIC
Run-through REHEARSAL
Saw things in Société Ethnologique TEETH
Sees beauty LOOKS
Sew tear that’s ruined garment SWEATER
Some skaters on ice going fast SONIC
Stand among Lilliputians PUT
This is held when fighting SHIELD
This writer backed angry government EMIRATE
To economise is ineffective USELESS
Witticism EPIGRAM
Woman among best here ESTHER