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The Sun – Two Speed – May 18 2018

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Clues Answers
Audacious BOLD
Bard uses Old English in small part POET
Brave bachelor no spring chicken BOLD
Captive rips Nero to shreds PRISONER
Chair on poles SEDAN
Clues he’d arranged in list SCHEDULE
Come before PRECEDE
Concede match AGREE
Correspond AGREE
Devout PIOUS
Doctor back to nurse one glutton PIG
Duke in Irishman’s chair SEDAN
Encourage URGE
Expert on the past HISTORIAN
Fantasist confused deer with ram DREAMER
Farm animal PIG
Farm building BARN
Foot part TOE
Herb playing ogre gets an Oscar OREGANO
Horrid filth editor firstly removed GRIM
Huge carnivore BEAR
Incessant CONSTANT
Lead and quietly withdraw PRECEDE
Clues Answers
London terminus WATERLOO
Loyal Tories beat rest finally CONSTANT
Migraine, eg HEADACHE
New alert in court battle WATERLOO
Passed down from Lancaster maybe ANCESTRAL
Permitted by law LEGAL
Right leg originally against left LEGAL
Road through old South African frontier BORDER
Rotten chap — skipper? BOUNDER
Sailor sent up sailors in storage area BARN
Saintly soup perhaps contains one PIOUS
Scholar in thin air so flustered HISTORIAN
Some into enlarging digit TOE
Stick close to concierge in block BEAR
Teacher spanking each in trouble HEADACHE
Timetable SCHEDULE
Tough gran gets upset GANGSTER
Unpleasant GRIM
Untrustworthy man BOUNDER
Verse writer POET
Visionary DREAMER
Waste energy making jam SCRAPE
Wild marjoram OREGANO
Yorkshire river swallows good egg URGE