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The Sun – Two Speed – May 18 2019

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Clues Answers
Abominable snowman YETI
After work prepared to run in gym to get fit OPPORTUNE
Backache LUMBAGO
Berserk AMOK
Boss takes actor round colliery DOMINEER
Crazy dare with TV commercial ADVERT
Crew foreman in Oban: it was rough BOATSWAIN
Disturb American soldier in a gallery AGITATE
Drink to have harsh effect JAR
Exam that’s all about Eve a-level
Excellency is to be found here! EMBASSY
Extravagant (informal) slap-up
Frenzied in the morning all right AMOK
Glass container JAR
Gold, sulphur and tin in Texas location AUSTIN
In darkness UNLIT
In Rye a riotous revolutionary period globally YEAR
Jack stole spread in hustle JOSTLE
Kubla Khan’s capital poetically XANADU
Learner in military group hardly bright UNLIT
Legendary creature, one so far in front YETI
Make nervous AGITATE
Mesh NET
Military shade KHAKI
Monsieur in Lebanon worked for count? NOBLEMAN
Much-loved PRECIOUS
Nippy motor to race new U-boat RUNABOUT
Nuts gambol round university bringing pain LUMBAGO
Our spice incredibly valuable PRECIOUS
Overseas mission EMBASSY
Part of joint can keep moving KNEECAP
Politician favouring aggression HAWK
Public notice ADVERT
Push roughly JOSTLE
Scholarly work ESSAY
Sell hunting bird HAWK
Ship’s officer BOATSWAIN
Sixth-form qualification a-level
Snake that counts? ADDER
Sumptuous to dine without drink slap-up
Times also covers a posh palace XANADU
Total amount raised NET
Tract from English Society perhaps ESSAY
Twelvemonth YEAR
Uniform colour? KHAKI
Vehicle for short trips RUNABOUT