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The Sun – Two Speed – May 19 2018

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Clues Answers
Bird and beer in the evening NIGHTJAR
Cheers, cheers, and cheerio! ta-ta
Contrition REMORSE
Deep regret about TV inspector REMORSE
Empty container inside another VACANT
Exude EMIT
Farewell comment ta-ta
Farmer say refined rude crop PRODUCER
Female relative GRANDMA
First game in series OPENER
Flotilla ARMADA
From the East EASTERN
Hawk from lake in mist FLOG
Hired murderer ASSASSIN
Implicit TACIT
In cooler temperature delivers baby INFANT
Instigate frolic in gym PROMPT
Inuit home IGLOO
Key batsman? OPENER
Killer popular with two idiots ASSASSIN
Kitty played oboe terribly at first POT
Leaders taking over Norse part GOVERNORS
Make-up case CHARACTER
Manufacturer PRODUCER
Clues Answers
Mesh NET
Musical speed TEMPO
Nocturnal bird NIGHTJAR
On time PROMPT
Passenger ship LINER
Plant container POT
Politician met with Draco explosively DEMOCRAT
Recess NOOK
Refusal approved in retreat NOOK
Rice dish from Father Fitzgerald? PAELLA
Send out clock going back EMIT
Silent songbird catching a cold TACIT
Some denigrate MP over time TEMPO
Some in Gibraltar mad about fleet ARMADA
Spanish stew PAELLA
State at last behind Oriental EASTERN
Tenant feisty English girl ANNETTE
The Northern Hemisphere? IGLOO
Total amount raised NET
Unfortunately rang mad relative GRANDMA
Unoccupied VACANT
US party member DEMOCRAT
Vessel in employment on river LINER
Woman’s name ANNETTE