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The Sun – Two Speed – May 19 2019

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Clues Answers
Academic in clash or wrangling SCHOLAR
American lawyer appearing in play now TODAY
Asian country CHINA
Brutal person ANIMAL
Car luggage space BOOT
Chagall for one has stuff in retrospective MARC
Chewbacca pal in hot saloon, drunk han solo
Christmas show PANTOMIME
Clients deployed cut-out design STENCIL
Comprehend REALISE
Corset part to last STAY
Currently TODAY
Don’t talk about fate or sin SLOTH
Ear-piece used by Anglo-Belgian LOBE
Endorses BACKS
Exploitative sort ABUSER
French male name MARC
Gin and vermouth MARTINI
Gives support to rugby players BACKS
Have some tomorrow night OWN
Heading for border BOUND
Hidden cur bodes ill OBSCURED
Hostelry INN
Hot stone cracked around lake STOLEN
I’m top name in performance — Xmas one! PANTOMIME
Importune SOLICIT
Indolence SLOTH
Intellectual SCHOLAR
Largest boa constrictor ANACONDA
Learnt to change hire deal RENTAL
Mania uncontrolled, student becomes beast ANIMAL
Mistress deciphering old Etruscan COURTESAN
Move to music DANCE
Obligated BOUND
Odd spiel might be unbalanced LOPSIDED
One in on fantastic sale to cash in REALISE
Organ division LOBE
Perforated card STENCIL
Popular name for hotel INN
Possess or hold OWN
Punch a companion in Bow CHINA
Remain STAY
Ruffian who loses head playing in goal HOOLIGAN
Say bully finds work in decrepit bar ABUSER
Snake from Canada on manoeuvres ANACONDA
Star Wars pilot han solo
Start PC in Wellington? BOOT
Steps taken in Rwandan ceremony DANCE
Swallow one drink MARTINI
Taken illegally STOLEN
Thug or lout HOOLIGAN
Very allowable to harass for cash SOLICIT