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The Sun – Two Speed – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
1969 music event WOODSTOCK
60s festival’s timber store WOODSTOCK
Amount in old shelter EXTENT
Anonymous UNKNOWN
Bluegrass State KENTUCKY
Bronzed TANNED
Buddhist fate KARMA
Cardinal receiving second reporter NEWSMAN
Conducted LED
Distort SKEW
Driller dies — TNT exploding DENTIST
Droop SAG
Eel that mangled competitor ATHLETE
Fall from cliffs again SAG
Flimsy THIN
German sub U-boat
Girl embraced by Ted Brown TANNED
Hole found in gong — blow me! OBOE
Journalist NEWSMAN
Judgement right as teaching shows TASTE
Keyboard player ORGANIST
Legendary ruler in cart hurried ARTHUR
Market cart BARROW
Monaco house maid girl trained GRIMALDI
More restrained-sounding destiny KARMA
Musician roasting furiously ORGANIST
Clues Answers
Mysterious nun crazy about king now UNKNOWN
New friar entering key state KENTUCKY
Notion IDEA
Once and future king ARTHUR
Outbuilding lean-to
Pub noise in northern town BARROW
Rainier’s family GRIMALDI
Rainwater conduit DRAINPIPE
Reed instrument OBOE
Refinement TASTE
Selection called excellent at first RANGE
Sent back poem penned by commie REVERSED
Shed worker grabbed by lion lean-to
Singer’s vocal limits RANGE
Size or scale EXTENT
Slow and dignified SEDATE
Small botanical gardens to slant SKEW
Some Euclidean concept IDEA
Sportsperson ATHLETE
Submarine about to disintegrate U-boat
Teased terribly but calm SEDATE
The French duke was first LED
Tooth doctor DENTIST
Turned round REVERSED
Waste in this pain — pride bashed DRAINPIPE
Wasted husband into metal THIN