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The Sun – Two Speed – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
A bar one in city state ALBANIA
Actor’s assistant in clothing store DRESSER
Afro-Cuban music RUMBA
At any point set out for mountain EVEREST
Balkan nation ALBANIA
Bedroom bureau DRESSER
Being unfaithful is out of line UNTRUE
Country featured in Dublin Diaries INDIA
Deserving reverence VENERABLE
Escapes leaping insects reportedly FLEES
Evaluate ANALYSE
Excess as fantastic rise expected RESIDUE
False or incorrect UNTRUE
First Lady no good round home in dusk EVENING
Fisherman ANGLER
For Spaniards the female sprite ELF
Gather or collect AMASS
Girl tells porkies we hear: examine closely ANALYSE
Good to follow advice and shine GLISTEN
Himalayan peak EVEREST
Irishman seats Democrat in chair SEDAN
Late afternoon EVENING
Love affair ROMANCE
Management team thrown in river TREATMENT
Mark King has beer brought round PRINT
Medical care TREATMENT
Mischievous fairy ELF
Negative vote NAY
Noble seen by a golf course AUGUSTA
Null and void INVALID
Particular detachment of troops DETAIL
Populous land INDIA
Prisoner INMATE
Produce a hard copy PRINT
Remainder RESIDUE
Runs away FLEES
Saint avoids unpleasant disagreement NAY
Saloon car SEDAN
Scales back undercover activity? SLEEP
Senior cleric incredibly never competent VENERABLE
Sense mass market taking hold SMELL
Slumber SLEEP
Small feature DETAIL
State capital of Maine AUGUSTA
Store in Panama’s shut AMASS
Trendy friend serving porridge? INMATE
Trout hunter left in temper ANGLER
Two churches in liaison? ROMANCE
Unusual sailor up for dance RUMBA
Vain spinning top having no force INVALID
Very tired SPENT
Vessels in river sheep must guard EWERS
Worn out piano delivered outside SPENT