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The Sun – Two Speed – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
All smiles RADIANT
Baby’s cot CRADLE
Civic dignitary ALDERMAN
Deliver sermon PREACH
Difficulty about love ADORE
Disregard one rig exploding IGNORE
Dote on ADORE
Earth, north and south, moving Captain Kirk? SHATNER
Experience soreness ACHE
Expert outside hospital in pain ACHE
Freight from cape on Jason’s boat CARGO
French friend after reduced-salt sausage SALAMI
Glass sheet PANE
He __ Aeolus __ destroyed pub ALEHOUSE
Hold so as to protect young rocker CRADLE
Honeyed wine old wife found in paddock MEADOW
Initial time in prison __ one there before others early bird
Inner Hebridean concept? IDEA
Lawyer thrashed on treaty ATTORNEY
Legal representative ATTORNEY
Manage without Conservative helping process OPERATION
Meat product SALAMI
Menial worker DOGSBODY
MP Theresa married still MAY
New country area includes very peaceful place NIRVANA
Notice one in wild speech incandescent RADIANT
Notion IDEA
Nuisance, we hear, fitting this window part PANE
Nuts learn with mad senior citizen ALDERMAN
Panto prepared and readily available on tap
Pasture MEADOW
Peak or zenith APEX
Penny to arrive at address PREACH
Pleased about having passed by ELAPSED
Proverbial worm-catcher early bird
Ship’s load CARGO
Slave follows form DOGSBODY
Solemn ceremony RITUAL
Some additional amontillado needed for Crockett’s mission ALAMO
Spring month MAY
Spurn or slight IGNORE
Stored in barrels on tap
Surgical procedure OPERATION
Texan battlesite ALAMO
Top copy with Times APEX
Trade union in retreat reversed custom RITUAL
Transcendent state NIRVANA
Tree ASH
William —, Star Trek actor SHATNER
Wood from banana shrub ASH