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The Sun – Two Speed – May 20 2018

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Clues Answers
Absorbent paper TISSUE
Accomplish EXECUTE
Appearance ASPECT
Athlete crashed in boat car ACROBAT
Calamity as stride broken DISASTER
Camper unusually protects land PERU
Catastrophe DISASTER
Chest frame RIBCAGE
Concerning ABOUT
Copy from Czech observatory ECHO
Cretan mountain IDA
Domestic row? TERRACE
English man over in Dodge EVADE
English river, charming, but can kill EXECUTE
Expand case cracked after deadline ESCALATE
Fantastic score of course! EAGLE
Forsaking alcohol ABSTINENT
Hand cover GLOVE
House one French girl in Bow BUNGALOW
I’d start to attract princess IDA
I’m cavorting with Satan for endurance STAMINA
Individual article ITEM
Jane’s man long-distance caller? TARZAN
Japanese paper art ORIGAMI
Look — a ghost about to vanish! ASPECT
Lord Greystoke TARZAN
Clues Answers
New potholer unfortunately makes point North Pole
Old fool cuddles Eastern cat OCELOT
On U-boat that’s wrecked ABOUT
One contract for model IDEAL
One-storey home BUNGALOW
Organ case, adapted rice bag RIBCAGE
Otherwise keeping one woman ELSIE
Perfect IDEAL
Rapidly increase ESCALATE
Restrained element breaks away ABSTINENT
Reverberate ECHO
Rip off reckless young person TEARAWAY
Santa’s home North Pole
Separate unit for couple linked ITEM
Shakespeare’s intention? WILL
Sidestep EVADE
Soft thin paper ruined suites TISSUE
Something on hand in good romance GLOVE
South American nation PERU
Spectators’ area TERRACE
Sphere ORB
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
Staying power STAMINA
Sun perhaps in golden book ORB
US symbol EAGLE
Volition WILL
Wherein folders hold paperwork? ORIGAMI
Woman’s name ELSIE