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The Sun – Two Speed – May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
About to perform and respond REACT
Acceptable not bad
African ace reaching new heights in Middle East ANGOLAN
Attack by planes air raid
Batman cooked a little chicken BANTAM
Blusher ROUGE
Book, dull, getting cut MATTHEW
Cat and piano on United States Ship PUSS
Civic dignitary ALDERMAN
Clergyman has some idea now DEAN
Close friend (informal) CHUM
Delicately small DAINTY
Examine pitch firstly in cricket? INSPECT
Faculty head DEAN
Farm building BARN
Feline (informal) PUSS
Gospeller MATTHEW
Graceful ELEGANT
Grilled sandwich TOASTIE
Highly offensive action? air raid
Impressive band to split not bad
Learned rubbish mostly over time LITERATE
Luanda native, for example ANGOLAN
Lustrous fabric SATIN
Made effort to be different in bed BOTHERED
Mate among Manchu minority CHUM
Misshapen ogre entertains posh cosmetic ROUGE
Mister Solo? BACHELOR
Nasty beers Rick drained, becoming mad BERSERK
Parasitic insect LOUSE
Petite daughter Tina incensed Yankee DAINTY
Poor BBC owe Natural Network COBWEB
Protect basketball player GUARD
Protest British Army discharge DEMOB
Release from military service (informal) DEMOB
Scholarly LITERATE
Scrutinise INSPECT
Security worker GUARD
Senior citizen plants tree on isle ALDERMAN
Small domestic fowl BANTAM
Snack to eat is chopped up TOASTIE
Stain spoiled shiny material SATIN
Stock holder in pub before noon BARN
Stuff the media! PRESS
Stylish English member and worker ELEGANT
Swimmer needs British papers BREAM
Threads spun by spiders COBWEB
Undergo a chemical change REACT
Unmarried man BACHELOR
Unpleasant person left love to profit LOUSE
Wed about this time? MIDWEEK
Wednesday or thereabouts MIDWEEK
Wild or frenzied BERSERK