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The Sun – Two Speed – May 21 2018

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Clues Answers
All together en bloc
Allergic condition hay fever
Art style is shown in field REALISM
Artificial silk RAYON
Backslide RELAPSE
Basin BOWL
Bear to admit defeat YIELD
Being poor’s tough at university hard up
Black bird in dish BOWL
Clear-headed SOBER
Clergyman’s some idea now DEAN
Common fellow I corrupted LOWLIFE
Contrition REGRET
Decoration good — and rubbish! GLITTER
Degenerate Romeo, asleep, out RELAPSE
Excuse Mali bigamist uses ALIBI
Express VOICE
Fabric light with no backing RAYON
Faculty head DEAN
Fastener STUD
Fire-starting IGNITION
First Greek letter ALPHA
Flower from pool up instantly LUPIN
Folding pushchair BUGGY
Garden plant LUPIN
Go before PRECEDE
Heavy ref spreading rhinitis hay fever
Hunks sweet after complaint BEEFCAKE
Clues Answers
Ill will MALICE
Key to fire engine? IGNITION
Lead Charlie into deeper trouble PRECEDE
Legal defence ALIBI
Letter to Greek’s brightest star ALPHA
Move to cut cost in business PRACTICE
Muscular men BEEFCAKE
Nobel treated 100 as one unit en bloc
Not drunk? That’s serious! SOBER
One-sided support for literature BOOKEND
Peg’s time in French south STUD
Penurious hard up
Power generator TURBINE
Practicality REALISM
Rehearsal PRACTICE
River bird to feel remorse REGRET
Science doctor by igloo BIOLOGY
Shelf item BOOKEND
Society’s dregs LOWLIFE
Son immediately gets cold shower SNOW
Speak evil about nothing VOICE
Spite from male and female MALICE
Study of living things BIOLOGY
Surrender YIELD
Tribune’s unusual machine TURBINE
Vehicle that’s infested? BUGGY
Winter fall SNOW