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The Sun – Two Speed – May 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Arrest (informal) NAIL
Bear brings death to river ENDURE
Blunder ERROR
Chap to kill carrying large instrument MANDOLIN
Cricketing position mid-on
Farm plot back in River Canyon ACRE
Fastener STUD
Fear going topless causes sin ERROR
Fielder keeping ball in mind perhaps mid-on
First man, worker, very determined ADAMANT
Garden barrier FENCE
Goodbye au revoir
Heat of conflict close to Arnhem WARM
Huge cats get sir worried TIGERS
Lady in bed — it’s censored! BANNED
Land measure ACRE
Large felines TIGERS
Male name LEONARD
Metal fence RAILING
Naval weapon TORPEDO
Nothing restrains American Brad? NAIL
One able to handle hot things? FENCE
Pale yellow flower PRIMROSE
Penetrate ENTER
Played softly PIANO
Presented GIVEN
Remaining newt trapped by Casanova? LEFTOVER
Renovate REVAMP
Require OBLIGE
Resolute ADAMANT
Samson’s downfall DELILAH
Say cheerio to Napoleon? au revoir
Scotsman in river played quietly PIANO
Serve one seen in Globe drunk OBLIGE
Small fish makes terrible pong STENCH
Some Aberdeen terriers go inside ENTER
Stringed instrument MANDOLIN
Temptress in food shop with note DELILAH
Two swimmers, the first heard complaining RAILING
Unpleasant smell STENCH
Unusually bad sign for corporation ABDOMEN
Update minister — answer politician REVAMP
US soldier on discharge endlessly prone GIVEN
Virile man takes time in French south STUD
Was he Nimoy or Alden in disguise? LEONARD
Welcoming WARM
Withstand ENDURE
Wreck a danger at sea TORPEDO
Writing about border plant PRIMROSE