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The Sun – Two Speed – May 22 2018

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Clues Answers
About 100 sheep mysteriously talk SPEECH
Absolutely INDEED
Antigen attacker ANTIBODY
Audibly changed direction in diplomacy TACT
Black marketeer dignitaries rebuffed SPIV
Bound along eating 1p sweet LOLLIPOP
Call on VISIT
Certainly that’s in legal document INDEED
Close to centre INNER
Coarse in wrecking screenplay SCENARIO
Confection on stick LOLLIPOP
Correct EMEND
Costume OUTFIT
Cry to hounds tally-ho
Decorous DEMURE
Discretion TACT
Disreputable dealer SPIV
Editor’s men in to remove errors EMEND
Eighth planet NEPTUNE
Film plot outline SCENARIO
Foolish person IDIOT
God’s uplifting swan song NEPTUNE
Greeting HELLO
Greeting he will love HELLO
High-born people GENTRY
Italian dish GNOCCHI
Clues Answers
Left-winger’s short-lived pain TWINGE
Little jumper players take in café TEAROOM
Man, very small, reveals fate DESTINY
Mug — I had nothing to fill it IDIOT
Oration SPEECH
Piggish remark from Cleo in Kent OINK
Pop star has good range GAGA
Reserved but rude with me out of order DEMURE
Scrutinise EXAMINE
Short sharp pain TWINGE
Six to accommodate in short stay VISIT
Slightly mad GAGA
Small restaurant TEAROOM
Sound from sty OINK
Soundly criticise one’s dumplings GNOCCHI
Sporting cry from friend in hot pants tally-ho
Study what was formerly a bomb? EXAMINE
Surpass in excellence OUTSHINE
Team abroad in good shape OUTFIT
Unadorned PLAIN
Unattractive student in agony PLAIN
Upper class officer shot GENTRY
Upstage other stars? OUTSHINE
Victor beginning to go red INNER
Virus fighter in botany I’d modified ANTIBODY