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The Sun – Two Speed – May 22 2019

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Clues Answers
Accurate EXACT
City guides on the radio LEEDS
Descent from unstable pier edge PEDIGREE
Desire for wealth almost upset EC country GREECE
Determined RESOLUTE
Dialect unintelligible in urban fortress CITADEL
Dreadful pun our pal hated UNPOPULAR
European nation GREECE
Existed once WAS
Fighting ship man-of-war
Fleeting craze FAD
Flower came up ROSE
Group instruction to waiter ORDER
Hospital doctor REGISTRAR
House in Split? SEMI
Kudos built on university logic puzzle SUDOKU
Lacking strength FEEBLE
Lose traction and slip SKID
Man covers kilometres in random motoring event SKID
Man from Gwynedd yammering EDDY
Menacing old male, one with common sense OMINOUS
Not groomed UNKEMPT
Number-placement game SUDOKU
Official keeping records for doctor REGISTRAR
Onion-like plants LEEKS
Our steel tempered and unyielding RESOLUTE
Overeat: go horribly green outside ENGORGE
Portending evil OMINOUS
Precise demand EXACT
Saunter south with giant STROLL
Scruffy MP in state-funded jolly going without starter UNKEMPT
Secret police succeeded in no action STASIS
Sequence ORDER
Shelter one thousand small vegetables LEEKS
Slow walk STROLL
Small home SEMI
Soldier perhaps in naval vessel? man-of-war
State of inactivity STASIS
Steal cattle RUSTLE
Stronghold CITADEL
Swell with blood ENGORGE
Take stock of others? RUSTLE
Thorned plant ROSE
Trend seen regularly in fraud FAD
Unseemly little demon leads moor run IMPROPER
Used to be some swashbuckler WAS
Weak sense about black and white’s last piece FEEBLE
Whirling current EDDY
Yorkshire city LEEDS