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The Sun – Two Speed – May 23 2018

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Clues Answers
African antelope GNU
Allude to character report REFERENCE
Among trees the real Biblical beauty ESTHER
Aunt Sal cut up dried grape SULTANA
Biblical town NAZARETH
Bookmaker in bar spilled relish PUBLISHER
Boundary of bushes HEDGE
Cardinal taking the high ground EMINENCE
Communist keeping war prize REWARD
Condiment MUSTARD
Cutting tooth INCISOR
Debt is written off for home BEDSIT
Dine EAT
Dirt about celeb that’s hot stuff MUSTARD
Distinction EMINENCE
Doctor in storm makes bet GAMBLE
Dried grape SULTANA
Drunk, I’m within it? Hardly! LIMIT
Finance some men do without ENDOW
Flat has shed round about BARREN
Game with two pairs FOURSOME
Henry at the limit of the barrier HEDGE
Clues Answers
Infertile BARREN
Literature supplier PUBLISHER
Mention a celebrity who can handle drink name-drop
Mention celebrities to impress name-drop
One-room home BEDSIT
Provide income for ENDOW
Put back REPLACE
Quartet playing for mouse FOURSOME
Ran away FLED
Ran away from rifle drill FLED
Restrict LIMIT
Ricin so distressed one biting INCISOR
Salesman with material to substitute REPLACE
Singer from Carshalton ALTO
Speculate GAMBLE
Swallow for fun reportedly INGEST
Take food from tea table EAT
Take in INGEST
Tarzan: he reshaped Israeli city NAZARETH
Tramp found in waste-pipe STEP
Transport artist in box TRAIN
Very little wood ultimately remains DASH
Voice below soprano ALTO
Wildebeest gun repaired GNU
Woman’s name ESTHER