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The Sun – Two Speed – May 23 2019

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Clues Answers
A dhow ultimately remains flooded AWASH
Affray BRAWL
Ailment MALADY
Belgian city for example in fiction LIEGE
Boozer in Kelso thriving SOT
Coastal barrier SEAWALL
Communication in dining room on time MESSAGE
Computer symbols ICONS
Correcting aid ERASER
Cry involves Romeo in fight BRAWL
Cut in two HALVE
Defence against the main onslaught? SEAWALL
Dismiss bank worker CASHIER
District to house northern stadium ARENA
Endorsing BACKING
Feudal lord LIEGE
Fish also swimming round husband SHOAL
Fluid measure surrounds English ship GALLEON
George Eliot was one to write, terribly mean pen name
Habitual drunkard SOT
Heavy table WORKBENCH
Horses for Bedouins? ARABS
How Paras might pay quick visit? drop in
Inhalation BREATH
Inundated AWASH
Italians eating this at Ship get sloshed SPAGHETTI
Labour seat? WORKBENCH
Large sailing vessel GALLEON
Large sports venue ARENA
Mean to have grave prepared in A&E AVERAGE
Mixed with chopped mango AMONG
Monkeys in time upset penniless people TROOP
Observe area beneath bishop SEE
Optic organ EYEBALL
Pasta strands SPAGHETTI
PM receiving boy’s complaint MALADY
Pseudonym pen name
Religious images are desktop items ICONS
Rich old girl to make bet DOWAGER
Rubber used in opera series ERASER
Sandbank SHOAL
Scout group TROOP
Semitic peoples ARABS
Sovereign EMPEROR
Stop by unannounced drop in
Student to fool around in Split HALVE
Support harmony BACKING
Surrounded by AMONG
The Penguin Concerto? EMPEROR
Titled widow DOWAGER
Unexceptional AVERAGE
Watch dance in which one has pupil EYEBALL
Whisper: bacterial outbreak about at hospital BREATH
Witness SEE