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The Sun – Two Speed – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
Alpha male finds grain ATOM
Beast runs right across one German river REINDEER
Boat pole used by extremists in Goole BARGE
Boredom seen in pupil regularly ENNUI
Burden or duty ONUS
Canal boat BARGE
Comic writer HUMORIST
Derisive exclamation greeting SS HISS
Dog ahead sees bat again follow-on
Dollar does for him! BUCK
Elbow fans rebuilt plant WOLFSBANE
Enthusiast NUT
Examination TEST
Finding time, being in rush? TRACING
First Bible book GENESIS
Forced second innings in cricket follow-on
Full of energy SPIRITED
Grumble — goods dumped in river NIGGLE
Guinevere’s lover LANCELOT
Head teachers’ organisation NUT
Insects irritated scouts by lake LOCUSTS
Intellect MIND
Intelligible LUCID
Knight to spear great many LANCELOT
Large grasshoppers LOCUSTS

Clues Answers
Last thing crowd will do? DISPERSE
Listlessness ENNUI
Lively riptides at sea SPIRITED
Luke in France I’d clearly understood LUCID
Male rabbit BUCK
Minor annoyance NIGGLE
Nasty organism devours posh twit IGNORAMUS
No tax? One working gives applause! OVATION
Owned HAD
Poisonous plant WOLFSBANE
Push roughly SHOVE
Puzzle in game to be solved ENIGMA
Resent sexism in design houses MIND
Responsibility we must shoulder? ONUS
Small particle ATOM
Snake sound HISS
Spread out DISPERSE
Start rock band GENESIS
Strongly push against wearing shoe SHOVE
Sustained cheering OVATION
Taken for ride in Chadwell HAD
Terrible one could give us zero mirth! HUMORIST
Tracking down TRACING
Try in rugby match? TEST