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The Sun – Two Speed – May 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Adult grown up
Ape-lord fighting powerful cat LEOPARD
Authenticate scam by company CONFIRM
Barber in Seville supplies tint RINSE
Bard uses Old English in small part POET
Behind some informers FOR
Cairo man in houses of Arabians OMANI
Constantly ETERNALLY
Dark film genre NOIR
Display of temper TANTRUM
Distort Sun’s exactitude RIGOUR
Electrical noise FEEDBACK
English bird friend forever ETERNALLY
Everything comes after second-class delivery BALL
Formal dance BALL
Gene spinning round in motor ENGINE
Hired murderer ASSASSIN
Impending IMMINENT
In favour of FOR
Initiate BEGIN
Lessee inside often antagonistic TENANT
Locomotive ENGINE
Loosen UNDO
Mature wife new in band grown up
Mistakes in text ERRATA
Movie style in Hanoi redefined NOIR
Muscat native, for example OMANI
Musical instrument KEYBOARD
Occupier TENANT
One kills when SAS lapse ASSASSIN
Paid to support response FEEDBACK
Piano part botched in bakery do KEYBOARD
Pseudonym ALIAS
Pulse vegetable LEGUME
Rivet I love in workroom STUDIO
Ruin party thrown by peacekeepers? UNDO
Sadly imprisons one giving false name ALIAS
Say Marvin takes cup back for lentil? LEGUME
Seismic vibration shock wave
Setter’s books about store due out soon IMMINENT
Severity or strictness RIGOUR
Small apartment STUDIO
Spotted feline LEOPARD
Start to live on booze BEGIN
Store keeps wine with violent after-effect shock wave
Substantiate CONFIRM
Teetotaller secretes wee dram TOT
Traitor in time makes corrections ERRATA
Truant bashed Mike in rage TANTRUM
Verse writer POET
Wash lightly RINSE
Young child TOT