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The Sun – Two Speed – May 26 2019

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Clues Answers
Additional EXTRA
Aromatic seed CORIANDER
Bishop always in verses gets pint BEER
Broadcaster ANNOUNCER
Catch-22 upset cover girl DILEMMA
Cattle farm managed by church RANCH
Character into stethoscopes ETHOS
City on Lake Geneva LAUSANNE
Commotion FUSS
Consternation DISMAY
Constricted or cramped NARROW
Cut in hospital? Icon is in for treatment! INCISION
Cut open LANCED
Dig one battered Bible in hotel? GIDEON
Discourage Daisy mad about Frenchman DISMAY
Disproportionate UNDUE
En garde! That’s explosive weapon! GRENADE
English bishops fade away EBB
Excessive German and EU backing UNDUE
Extra stout perhaps inside to be selected OBESE
Feline CAT
Go fast? Ridiculous rate! TEAR
Grossly overweight OBESE
Hebrew judge GIDEON
Herb carried on idiotically CORIANDER
Large cattle farm RANCH
Left some light in picture PORTRAY
Lightweight recorder in little river? MINICAM
Liquid suspension EMULSION
Moggy fur with hole concealed CAT
More placed in next race EXTRA
Musician Mike in street on left MINSTREL
New dart that’s thin NARROW
Newsreader runs after female cat ANNOUNCER
Nobleman EARL
Paint bird and lions roaming EMULSION
Portable video camera MINICAM
Powerful playing card TRUMP
President not entirely genuine politician TRUMP
Quandary DILEMMA
Ran through church in country LANCED
Recede EBB
Returning home in spring INBOUND
Some near loathsome British peer EARL
Spirit ETHOS
Sun and an ale free in Swiss location LAUSANNE
Surgical cut INCISION
Thrown bomb GRENADE
Travelling towards a place INBOUND
Troubadour MINSTREL
Trouble in Corfu’s serious FUSS
Vegetable conveys very good impression OPINION
Viewpoint OPINION