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The Sun – Two Speed – May 27 2018

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Clues Answers
Acetic acid VINEGAR
Action word VERB
Actress seen as we met at sea Mae West
Aggrandise ENNOBLE
Avoidance of reality ESCAPISM
Bats here molested torso ROOST
Bounded FINITE
Brisk pace TROT
Cassius Clay, as was ALI
Cauldron POT
Celebratory communication shows wit CARD
Convince to pay in full SATISFY
Cooking vessel in sink POT
Coppers like period for recreation PASTIME
Copy one friend drinking it IMITATE
Doctor an individual in flying machine DRONE
Doctrine CREDO
Evil grips a cleaner in church residence VICARAGE
Famous hollywood actress Mae West
Firm incorporating socialist principles CREDO
Firstborn ELDEST
I wondered about bedcover EIDERDOWN
Lacking enthusiasm LISTLESS
Learner PUPIL
Left cuts excellent boxer ALI
Leftist beginning to talk rubbish TROT
Leisure pursuit PASTIME

Clues Answers
Lethargic and not ready to go shopping? LISTLESS
Limited and all right about it FINITE
Little dog one left for student PUPIL
Long sea journey VOYAGE
Make happy SATISFY
Male bee DRONE
Most senior in Leeds reset time ELDEST
Noel and Ben working for raise ENNOBLE
Notch NICK
Parish residence VICARAGE
Philosophy’s good lie spun by Yankee IDEOLOGY
Refuge in Bedlam? ASYLUM
Resistance fighter GUERRILLA
Rule a girl out as fighter GUERRILLA
Satan in shape NICK
Scrounge from daughter in prison CADGE
Set of beliefs IDEOLOGY
Shelter from danger ASYLUM
Slightly damp duck in fog MOIST
Soft quilt EIDERDOWN
Somewhat wet MOIST
Sour liquid has Dicky in grave VINEGAR
Sponge CADGE
Stiff paper CARD
Very old Yankee on time for trip VOYAGE
Warping space is male fantasy ESCAPISM
Word from lover boy VERB