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The Sun – Two Speed – May 27 2019

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Clues Answers
A large branch causes fear ALARM
Advance or continue PROCEED
Aid worker takes helm __ hope crushed home help
Be a right pessimist in the City? BEAR
Best man turned up in warehouse DEPOT
Bus terminal DEPOT
Business transaction in molten lead DEAL
Canvas cot HAMMOCK
Conundrum RIDDLE
Cup Billy smashed in full view PUBLICLY
Daily publications PAPERS
Dance venue BALLROOM
Daughter in defeat backed royal house TUDOR
Dispatch SEND
Distribute cards DEAL
Doctrine CREDO
Domestic support home help
Dukes in anger posing cryptic question RIDDLE
Egyptian city where Elvis lived? MEMPHIS
End up with pained cry __ one from Tibbles? MIAOW
English dynasty TUDOR
Feline utterance MIAOW
Filthy bones scattered round church OBSCENE
Firm incorporating socialist principles CREDO
Follow winding course newly renamed MEANDER
Force to slam, explosively causing wreckage FLOTSAM
Frighten ALARM
Go on to take legal action? PROCEED
Indecent OBSCENE
Let fly for second goal SEND
Lightly SOFTLY
Musical drama OPERA
No heart, such a person might be rough! DIAMOND
Ocean debris FLOTSAM
Page copiers producing documents PAPERS
Parody (informal) SPOOF
Piano Stallone imports frequently SOFTLY
Polluted air SMOG
Red playing card DIAMOND
Renowned FAMED
Satellite TV job for soaring singer SKYLARK
Sea bed? HAMMOCK
Skiing event in decline DOWNHILL
Small feline in urban haze SMOG
So female crosses river in satirical piece SPOOF
Songbird SKYLARK
Sweeper covers entirety of hall BALLROOM
Tennessee port MEMPHIS
Terribly hard up in seclusion PURDAH
Veiling of women PURDAH
Well-known craze takes me in FAMED
With the slope DOWNHILL
Withstand BEAR
Work within proper authority OPERA