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The Sun – Two Speed – May 28 2018

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Clues Answers
Abe’s goat may cause deliberate destruction SABOTAGE
Adversary ENEMY
Afternoon service? tea set
Amphibian TOAD
An opening in stone AGATE
Astound AMAZE
Background in the theatre? SCENERY
Band roles reversed STRAP
Bird having fun LARK
Bit about Old Croaker TOAD
Blend gallon put into lake MERGE
By that means THEREBY
Chalcedony AGATE
Citrus drink LEMONADE
Cups, saucers etc tea set
Daughter having secret meal DINNER
Deliberately destroy SABOTAGE
Depart LEAVE
Dessert sauce CUSTARD
Direction finder COMPASS
Drink to TOAST
English sailor ran up to tell story NARRATE
Escapade LARK
Evening repast DINNER
First man, six-footer, resolute ADAMANT
Grassland PRAIRIE
It flies on wing — and prayer? MANTIS

Clues Answers
It stores all the letters one writes ALPHABET
Landscape SCENERY
Large number MANY
Make available SUPPLY
Month round north is plenty MANY
Mrs Sharples during stroll becomes willing AMENABLE
Nurse gets Henry out of danger TREAT
Opponent in Yemen prepared ENEMY
Plain repair one messed up PRAIRIE
Predatory insect MANTIS
Reach firm given million to spend COMPASS
Ready to accept AMENABLE
Refreshing drink treating one lamed LEMONADE
Run together MERGE
Salute in Esperanto as translated TOAST
Small railway station HALT
Something chewed without famous sauce CUSTARD
Something outstanding as rarer perhaps ARREARS
Stallone keeps up power source SUPPLY
Stop student in headgear HALT
Surprise gift TREAT
Surprise in a puzzle AMAZE
They’re wrong about British in consequence THEREBY
Unpaid debts ARREARS
Unyielding ADAMANT
Withdraw permission LEAVE