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The Sun – Two Speed – May 29 2019

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Clues Answers
Admire a fantastic cake? MADEIRA
Ashen PALE
Asian politician backed female sport NEHRU
Bludger Bill’s pet GERBIL
Burrowing rodent GERBIL
City in Liguria GENOA
Combined musical performance ends oddly CONCERTED
Compound NI bill accepted NIACIN
Compulsory cover BINDING
Country mum with body for tennis MALTA
Deadly snake in sea spray ASP
Dessert wine MADEIRA
Discussed money for Jessica Rabbit? DOE
Egyptian cobra ASP
Elizabeth, in short BETH
Emotional problem? End the call! hang-up
Faculty of vision EYESIGHT
Fairy, extremely lovely, gives hint IMPLY
Faithful response from key people AMEN
Female animal DOE
First Indian PM NEHRU
Form of government REPUBLIC
Full-on smoker Henri possibly imbibing a litre INHALER
Girl has wager on horse BETH
Go before PRECEDE
Indicate by suggestion IMPLY
Italian port passed left in trattoria one gathers GENOA
Laundry appliances DRYERS
Lead and quietly withdraw PRECEDE
Mandatory BINDING
Mediterranean island MALTA
Muslim cleric IMAM
New dig in Ely requires giving way YIELDING
One first in but rarely last out? OPENER
Petitioner CLAIMANT
Psychological obstacle (informal) hang-up
Raving animal in court sees plaintiff CLAIMANT
Regal colour royal blue
Respiratory device INHALER
Restrained and quiet beer PALE
Salon equipment S Ryder designed DRYERS
Scrap outside boozer in Ireland say REPUBLIC
Sense agreement amongst rowing crew EYESIGHT
Shade sad after Diana maybe royal blue
So be it AMEN
Spiritual leader comes from Anima Mundi IMAM
Submissive YIELDING
Top batsman OPENER
Vitamin B3 NIACIN
Woman honoured to cover silver cost DAMAGE