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The Sun – Two Speed – May 3 2018

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Clues Answers
Almost unrestricted speed in run OPERATE
Arthur’s Seat? CAMELOT
Attractive person LOOKER
Attractive person one sees? LOOKER
Bit of cloth on girl? THONG
Car crash PRANG
Charity event BENEFIT
Choppers TEETH
Cooks through HEATS
Crackpot like Mr Stalin finally here? KREMLIN
Crash having quietly pressed bell PRANG
Customary REGULAR
Demigod DAEMON
Dole advantage BENEFIT
Euro-MPs sacked leader SUPREMO
Fortune trader keeps after taxes NET
Freeholder OWNER
Function OPERATE
Fuss involves rep breaking weapon TORPEDO
Green gem EMERALD
Guardian spirit moaned terribly DAEMON
Gypsy chorus partly used in film PSYCHO
Harass elusive burrowing creature BADGER
Hitchcock classic PSYCHO
Hopelessness DESPAIR
Juliet’s beloved ROMEO
Keeper one right round wicket OWNER
Leather strip THONG

Clues Answers
Legendary court CAMELOT
Lover has me in jumper ROMEO
Male voice TENOR
Mentor cooked trout TUTOR
Mesh NET
Misery as pride shattered DESPAIR
Moscow citadel KREMLIN
Mushrooms say amusing serviceman? FUNGI
Naval weapon TORPEDO
Nocturnal mammal BADGER
Old PM pleased with weight GLADSTONE
Overall boss SUPREMO
Private teacher TUTOR
Proverb from Canada geese ADAGE
Renovate Ethan’s gnashers TEETH
Retentive beast born ugly ABSORBENT
Scrutinize EXAMINE
See one among mad axemen EXAMINE
Singer in first ENO Rigoletto TENOR
Snakelike fish EEL
Soldier in uniform REGULAR
Stone dealer nuts accepting thousand EMERALD
Swimmer from somewhere else EEL
Toadstools, eg FUNGI
Warms up for races HEATS