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The Sun – Two Speed – May 3 2019

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Clues Answers
__ Fitzgerald, jazz singer ELLA
Adapt toothed wheel GEAR
Animated quartet into drink ALIVE
At a brisk tempo ALLEGRO
Autonomy FREEDOM
Bit of a shower? RAINDROP
Building schematic floor plan
CEO engages two students and string player CELLO
Circle in brotherhood is closed DISC
Circular plate DISC
Clothing (informal) GEAR
Confront FACE
Constant and true FAITHFUL
Dad leaves Spanish dish for girl ELLA
Dance enthusiast circling with energy FANDANGO
Dead men found in drains EMPTIES
Dog’s entered in races, but withdrawn INTROVERT
Error in print (abbreviation) TYPO
Faint lights unseen during this BLACKOUT
Falling water RAINDROP
Fate LOT
Female with great features FACE
Fixers giving HMRC charge mention TACKS
Liberty from going round receding river? FREEDOM
Loyal woman developed flu FAITHFUL
Merciless sort playing hustlers RUTHLESS
Meringue base say with generous crusts EGGS
Mistake in witty polemic TYPO
Mongrel mutt in scurry CUR
Motorbike attachment SIDECAR
Musical instrument CELLO
Officer back to catch fresh fish with net TRAWL
Ornamental climber CLEMATIS
Ova or roe EGGS
Plant can make cat smile CLEMATIS
Power cut BLACKOUT
Prepared wood TIMBER
Result of drawing level at home? floor plan
Returned bottles (informal) EMPTIES
Sails in a zigzag TACKS
Scoundrel CUR
Search thoroughly TRAWL
Showing no compassion RUTHLESS
Shy person INTROVERT
Small piece MORSEL
Spanish courtship dance FANDANGO
Survivor at Sodom among several others LOT
Team transport is small carriage SIDECAR
Term that’s musical or legal maybe ALLEGRO
TV copper left choice bit MORSEL
Vivacious ALIVE
Wood Mike placed in Roman river TIMBER