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The Sun – Two Speed – May 3 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Sun Two Speed Crossword.

Clues Answers
Additional EXTRA
Adventurer most weary needs to unwind Tom Sawyer
Anarchic RIOTOUS
Army trained to protect old civic leader MAYOR
At the farm produced second crop AFTERMATH
Available and unavailable OUT
Between ports at sea
Bewildered on the ocean wave at sea
Biblical mount ARARAT
Bit of cloth on girl? THONG
Bullets (informal) AMMO
Charlie, cleaner, in mountaineering challenge CRAG
Cherubic ANGELIC
Chicago mobster Al Capone
City, as far as we’re concerned, noisy and violent RIOTOUS
Consequence AFTERMATH
Cow’s comment about races becomes slogan MOTTO
Cutting foot off grass is wrong SIN
Damp smell I had HUMID
Dismissed at wicket OUT
Doctor in fur causes fight COMBAT
European tortured rat in USA AUSTRIAN
First Bible book GENESIS
Former Spanish currency PESETA
Frau von Trapp blows top in song ARIA
Gangster on his own without headwear Al Capone
Guiding maxim MOTTO
Hostilities COMBAT
Inactive Mike enters rave after party DORMANT
Large landmass EURASIA
Leader in crisis HEAD
Learned rubbish mostly over time LITERATE
Lorraine’s partner almost too wonderful ALSACE
Mark Twain hero Tom Sawyer
Money once raised in late September PESETA
Moral crime SIN
More than usually wide? EXTRA
Municipal official MAYOR
Nationality of Gustav Klimt AUSTRIAN
Northeastern French region ALSACE
One in US area possibly, or much bigger area EURASIA
Operatic piece ARIA
Principal HEAD
Rock fissure CRAG
Rustic husband deserts bird PEASANT
Scholarly LITERATE
Short rest, or rather be on the move? BREATHER
Skimpy garment THONG
Sleeping DORMANT
Start progressive rock band GENESIS
Strangely genial Conservative perfectly sweet ANGELIC
Two artists brought in at biblical landfall ARARAT
What it is to be loaded? AMMO