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The Sun – Two Speed – May 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Airborne troop PARA
Army rank CORPORAL
Brown shade as pie cooked SEPIA
Bucket PAIL
Call for some buttermilk TERM
Capital ditching old religious ceremony SACRAMENT
Catholic ritual high mass
Chopped up softer wood FOREST
Conclude SURMISE
Conscious AWAKE
Cupidity AVARICE
Donkey ASS
Evergreen FIR
Expert supporting blokes in danger MENACE
Fool starts on any silly subject ASS
From the beginning AFRESH
Greed from woman with food AVARICE
Group round pub’s up for game TENNIS
Has ref blown up again? AFRESH
Instruct TEACH
Male domestic fowl ROOSTER
Mike is stopping certain suspect SURMISE
Musicians performing in desert ABANDON
Clues Answers
No longer asleep needing a wash AWAKE
Percussion instrument SHAKER
Poor Carl may become an NCO CORPORAL
Raised drink holding one container PAIL
Reddish-brown tone SEPIA
Religious rite SACRAMENT
Religious type with the shivers? SHAKER
Roll contains nothing but chicken ROOSTER
School period TERM
Service with plenty of weight? high mass
Soldier dropped in from Valparaiso PARA
Some educate aching to inform TEACH
Son has sleep disturbed — it’s irregular SHAPELESS
Teacher from Islamabad LAMA
Tibetan monk LAMA
Tough individual playing charades hard case
Tough person hard case
Tree in Sellafirth FIR
Tree-covered land FOREST
Uses adhesive as step crumbles PASTES
Valued possession TREASURE
Wealth of tea-drinking king undoubted TREASURE
Wimbledon sport TENNIS
With sun in orbit one means to ascend STAIR