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The Sun – Two Speed – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
Affair in Menorca tempestuous ROMANCE
African country GABON
Attractive to ignore fine print ETCHING
Beast concealing old record is to say sorry APOLOGISE
Chloe with taco prepared in snack bar? CHOCOLATE
Correct text EMEND
Cover story? ALIBI
Creature of habit in conundrum NUN
Deep blue COBALT
Deep brown colour CHOCOLATE
Deep perception INSIGHT
Descriptive language IMAGERY
Desert haven OASIS
Destroy SHRED
Destructive sea wave TSUNAMI
Discharges EMITS
Dreadful panto readily available on tap
Employ USE
Engraved design ETCHING
Expel everyone attending? TURNOUT
Exploit some curious effect USE
Express regret APOLOGISE
Extremely obvious alias used in Honshu port OSAKA
Firing lever TRIGGER
Get Ray to twist and turn GYRATE
Giggle when teetotaller in row TITTER
Gives out Times freely! EMITS
High roller’s chap turning up in new suit TSUNAMI
Hobbyist from East in terrible trauma AMATEUR
Iberian city PORTO
Japanese city OSAKA
Left love in Portuguese location PORTO
Legal excuse ALIBI
Long-playing disc ALBUM
Man with useless photo book ALBUM
Manchester band in fertile spot OASIS
Move in a spiral GYRATE
Nervous laugh TITTER
News boss has men in to remove errors EMEND
No particular interest shown over republic GABON
Non-university person to admit breaking link TOWNIE
Passionate liaison ROMANCE
Pictures the writer’s mature lines IMAGERY
Religious female NUN
Severely plain AUSTERE
Stored in barrels on tap
Strict tea-user seen sloshed AUSTERE
Team on an aeroplane AIRCREW
Time construction worker set off TRIGGER
Trace river going through Slough SHRED
Understanding current things differently INSIGHT
Urban resident (informal) TOWNIE
Vote participation TURNOUT
Wire car when moving flight staff AIRCREW
Young animal entertaining graduate element COBALT