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The Sun – Two Speed – May 31 2018

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Clues Answers
Aim’s tan — perhaps endurance needed! STAMINA
Apathy from communist in progress? BOREDOM
Appropriate APT
Attention EAR
Barker’s daughter in Dorset town POODLE
Bird with the French name TITLE
Championship TITLE
Cleaner with a disqualification caught coach CHARABANC
Conceal COVER
Delete ERASE
Desperate doctor about to gulp wine DRASTIC
Dizziness VERTIGO
Dog has time to complain TRAIL
Downfall DEMISE
Edible marine fish red mullet
Expire in a uniform — farewell ADIEU
FA rubbish about Chelsea’s first mogul fat cat
Fielder caught six balls COVER
Firm support for hooded killer COBRA
Fitting in gap tightly APT
For the second time AGAIN
Girl coming up has advantage ASSET
Goodbye ADIEU
Grain as processed makes drink SANGRIA
Happy with what’s inside? CONTENT

Clues Answers
Hide away SECRETE
Hostess with fans GEISHA
In Renaissance arises musical talent EAR
It makes one unfit for high position! VERTIGO
Japanese companion GEISHA
Largest inland sea CASPIAN
Mythical giant TITAN
Old tourist vehicle CHARABANC
Part in saga incoherent once more AGAIN
Pelican allowed part in channel CANAL
Satisfied CONTENT
Sea snake one in container CASPIAN
Servile person POODLE
Shock rattles terribly STARTLE
Side with me mistakenly in the end DEMISE
Spanish punch SANGRIA
Stash rest EEC wasted SECRETE
Staying power STAMINA
Straggle TRAIL
Strong point ASSET
Swimmer’s ginger hairstyle red mullet
Take out Romeo in comfort ERASE
Venomous snake COBRA
VIP I caught leaving doomed ship TITAN
Waterway CANAL
Wealthy industrialist fat cat
You have to do this! POSSESS