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The Sun – Two Speed – May 31 2019

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Clues Answers
Admiral at Trafalgar NELSON
Anatolia asia minor
Antarctic bird PENGUIN
Assertive DOMINANT
Baby buggy PRAM
Bar from behaving otherwise INGOT
Bomb I made? MINE
Bones find peace at last in green hillside in Scotland VERTEBRAE
Carnivore’s diet MEAT
Change of position MOVEMENT
Channel so nearly consumes renowned seaman NELSON
Colliery MINE
Exhausted or spent tired out
First vessel sent back TOP
Forceful argument POLEMIC
Formula RECIPE
Function OPERATE
Gesture from symphonic section MOVEMENT
Guess thought to be false SUSPECT
Hero from Grease coming up north LION
Inform about new diatribe RANT
Instructions to cook: pierce bananas RECIPE
King writing material shows eccentricity KINK
Large feline LION
Leading man I don’t cast DOMINANT
Long-tailed bird PHEASANT
Love, pleasant, being chilled on ice
Make a start get going
Marker TAG
Metal brick INGOT
Millions consume flesh MEAT
Mostly unrestricted speed in run OPERATE
Muscle spasm KINK
Oak potentially has a grain ACORN
Praise given in sudoku almost randomly KUDOS
Prestige KUDOS
Protect from harm criminal shot at court CONSERVE
Questionable SUSPECT
Repair so it works and leave get going
Romania is rebuilt in Eastern Mediterranean? asia minor
Soft stuff in child’s transport PRAM
Some advantage in game TAG
Spinal segments VERTEBRAE
Temporarily suspended on ice
Tirade RANT
Tree-fruit ACORN
Verbal attack from European with microphone POLEMIC
Very weary lunatic I tutored tired out
Write piece about one Batman foe PENGUIN
Yokel holding hearts in game PHEASANT