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The Sun – Two Speed – May 4 2018

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Clues Answers
Amusing account ANECDOTE
Be anxious FRET
Best British tea brewed BEAT
Casanova ladies’ man
Chicken piece for rugby player WING
Clamour NOISE
Client US employer cleaned out USER
Cloistered SECLUDED
Composer Giuseppe VERDI
Composer versus two royal women? VERDI
Customer USER
Diabolical sort FIEND
Duke in ruined manor lacking system RANDOM
E=mc2 physicist EINSTEIN
Eliot aroused Ginger and tarried LOITERED
Expert drinks initially rank port ACRE
Field measure ACRE
Flirtatious and is male? ladies’ man
Forest officer RANGER
Guitar part causing worry FRET
Hang on to bar SAVE
Haphazard RANDOM
Himalayan peak EVEREST
Instinct to smother one sound NOISE
Clues Answers
It’s often climbed in severe storm EVEREST
Layabout IDLER
Lazybones unusually riled IDLER
Man’s name SID
Mate ousts Republican devil FIEND
Meadow in Steeple Aston LEA
One acted strangely in story ANECDOTE
Pains restricting sick hero ACHILLES
Park keeper in orangery RANGER
Pasture LEA
Political faction WING
Private cuddles excited with energy SECLUDED
Put money away SAVE
Reason why Minoan is astir? INSOMNIA
Rhythm BEAT
Side issue for Clintons? CHELSEA
Sleeplessness INSOMNIA
Small article about role that’s strict SPARTAN
Stood around LOITERED
Style in Steinbeck shows genius EINSTEIN
SW London football team CHELSEA
Tale read firstly by artist in local NARRATIVE
Vicious part in this idea! SID
Warrior at Troy ACHILLES
Water shortage hurt dog badly DROUGHT